Adoption Process

1.  Preview an available dog or cat online or through our Upcoming Events.

2.  Fill out an application
(in person) at one of our Mobile Adoption events.

3.  Once the application is complete we can set up a time for the entire family (including other
pets) to meet the pet you are interested in adopting, and to facilitate a home check.

4.  If all parties agree that this is a good adoption, we can move forward with the adoption.

5. To ensure that adopted pet is adjusting well into its new environment, we will do a
post-adoption follow up to make sure that everything is going well. We want to make sure that
our animals have found their perfect forever home and if this isn't the case, we reserve the right
to take the animal back into our care.

6.  Our pets' adoption fee includes spay/neutering and current vaccinations (including rabies).
Dogs are tested for heartworm and ehrlichia and cats are tested for FIV/FELV. The adoption fee
for Dogs is $175.00 and the adoption fee for Cats is $95.00.