Become a Sponsor

Sponsorship is vital to the continuation of HSTJ's program's of sterilization and education about the  humane
treatment of animals.

Join the Rescue 400 Club Today!
You can join our Rescue 400 Club by donating $5 a month.

Here are some examples of what one $5 a month sponsorship (or the cost of a cup of coffee and
pastry in the U.S.) can do:

  • $5 is the cost of the anesthesia injection for one animal at our sterilization clinic.
  • $5 is the cost of one injectable mange treatment - a dog infected with mange usually requires 2-3
  • $5 is the cost of two vaccinations.
  • $5 is the cost of the post-op medication (consisting of oral antibiotics and multi-vitamins) pet own-
    ers/rescuers are given after their animals are sterilized.
  • $5 can feed a large dog for one week.

We are a purely Volunteer Organization and 100% of your donation goes to the animals. Our volunteers pound
the pavement looking for donated postage, paper for fliers, and advertising space to ensure that administrative
costs are donated.

When you join our 400 Club, your donation helps us to continue with our comprehensive programs. As you will
see on our blog, the precious donations of our current Rescue 400 Club members are helping to save animals
from a life of pain, fear and disease. Please join the Rescue 400 Club today. The animals of Tijuana are counting
on you.  

We urge you to become a sponsor today!