Success Stories
Chicharron's Story

In April 2007, the HSTJ Street Clinic [Itchy-Scratchy Clinic] Team went to a wretchedly poor area
of Tijuana to check out the neighborhood to see if it might be possible to hold a street clinic in
that area. They found an old public building that they could use, where they could pitch the
HSTJ tents.
Roaming around the building were six street dogs, all with worms, mange and eye infections.
The team did not intend to hold a clinic that day, only to evaluate the site. However, they
decided to treat as many of the strays around the building that they could catch since they had
the supply boxes in the truck. In just a few minutes and after treating only a few of the strays,
there was a line of people with eighty [80] animals, none of which had ever received any type
of medical care. Although short of staff, the two HSTJ volunteers stayed all day and treated the
eighty animals.
Most of the animals were pets but some where abandoned street animals brought by
sympathetic residents hoping to be able to help the animals. Chicharron was one of the
abandoned street dogs. He was brought to the clinic by a teenage boy accompanied by two
other children. When the children found out that we could treat Chicharron for worms,
diarrhea, mange and eye infections, one of the kids went home to get their mother. Their
mother came to the clinic and after talking with her children, decided to adopt Chicharron.
He received two follow up visits at the subsequent Itchy-Scratchy clinics and was then brought
to the HSTJ sterilization clinic a few months later and was neutered.
He is a happy little guy now and living with a caring family. As a result of the family's contact
with HSTJ, they have taken a keen interest in teaching the neighbors about how to properly
care for dogs and cats and the importance of having pets spayed and neutered at the HSTJ
free and low cost clinics.