Success Stories
Gizmo's Story

Gizmo was found on a trash pile, near death, covered in motor oil, during a clinic in October 2008 in the small
colonia of Nueva Aurora. Little Gizmo didn't stand a chance of surviving one more day as he was severely
dehydrated and mal-nourished.  He was immediately taken in and put on an IV for 3 weeks until he gained his
strength. It was  truly an amazing recovery!

When he was first found, Gizmo did not have a hair on his body, so it came as such a surprise to find that
Gizmo was as white as an angel and thanks to one of our volunteers, he was given a second
chance at life.  Gizmo, today lives a happy life, romping around as a puppy should.  He has turned out to be
quite a handsome little boy and it is all thanks to your donations..  

Gizmo represents the amazing transformation a street rescue can make with a little time and
Tender Loving Care.