HSTJ’s goals are to:
  • continue our clinics and increase them in number
  • Get stronger support from the American side
  • Educate the public and government officials about the need to spay and neuter animals
  • Improve the conditions of the street dogs in TJ
  • Protect people from contamination passed on by sick street dogs.

Our focus is to provide quality care and services on an affordable budget! There are many
groups out there cutting corners in order to save money while fixing animals. The use of fishing
line for sutures, zip tie surgery for females, and compromised sterility are very common practices
in some low cost spay/neuter clinics.
However, we at HSTJ take pride in providing high quality care for the animals that are brought to
us. We recognize that the TJ street animals have suffered enough!
We thank each and every donor and volunteer for assisting us in providing quality care to the
animals of Tijuana!