Itchy-Scratchy Street Clinics

The municipal and state governments have few and extremely limited services in place. Private
organizations such as FHSTJ as well as the rescuers we support receive no government
support. The problem is daunting and appears too large for an organization of modest means
such as FHSTJ. In this greater area of Tijuana of 3 million people, there are thousands of
animals roaming the streets on any given day. However, we adopted the philosophy of
approaching the problem one animal at a time. It occurred to us that a large number of the
abandoned street animals could be saved if only they could be made fit and healthy enough to
be accepted by neighborhoods and/or individuals who would care for them rather than shooing
them back out into the streets. Once accepted by families or neighborhoods, the next step was
spay and neuter. Thus, FHSTJ re-defined rescues to include street events.

In January 2007, FHSTJ initiated street events and encouraged the people in the poorest
neighborhoods to bring their pets as well as the street animals roaming their areas for basic
treatments e.g., de-worming, mange, minor injuries, tick and flea treatment. It worked. After
being treated and no longer suffering from diarrhea, mange, ticks and infections, they were
often ¨adopted¨ either by individuals or by a group of people in the neighborhood where they
were roaming the streets. Today we can even offer rescuers immediate veterinary care for the
more difficult cases via the FHSTJ Certificate Program. Once free of disease, these animals are
given a place to sleep, food and clean water and many are brought to the free monthly spay/
neuter clinics that we sponsor. As a result, these animals no longer need to live a miserable
existence on the streets, sick, starving, frightened and in pain. WE CONSIDER THESE TO BE
SUCCESSFUL RESCUES and it is done without having a shelter and a lot of resources. We
currently sponsor an average of two street events per month.

We would like to help many more, but we need your help. Please help support street clinics by
becoming a sponsor today:
Become A Sponsor.  Your contribution will help feed and care for
animals looking for loving homes, rescue animals in need, and provide humane education to
enrich the lives of individuals and animals alike.

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