Success Stories
Lucero's Story

Lucero was observed by one of our volunteers, Serena where Lucero was being kept on a patio by a person in
the neighborhood. She was emaciated and poorly cared for. One day Serena noted that she had not seen the
dog for several days. A few days later she heard some whimpering and yelps when she passed a trash pile
and began to search around the area. She found Lucero stuck under a pile of rubble where she had given birth
to three pups. Two pups were dead. Serena pulled Lucero and the live pup out of the hole and began caring for
her and the pup.
She approached the neighbor telling him she had found Lucero and that Lucero and her pup were in urgent
need of care. The man rejected the dog saying she "escaped" and then denied that he had ever really had her
as a pet. Like so many female dogs, they are abandoned when they become ill or pregnant. We can only
assume that this was the case with Lucero. Serena, the FHSTJ volunteer, took Lucero and her pup into her
home and continued to treat both. When the pup was old enough for adoption, she found a good home for it.
Lucero was then spayed at an FHSTJ clinic and readied for adoption. However, Serena, could not part with her
so she was adopted by her own FHSTJ rescuer and lives the life of a pampered pooch.