The following members are dedicated to the success and growth of the Friends of HSTJ
organization. The health and safety of all the animals of Tijuana is our main focus and we will
continue in our effort to educate as many residents of Tijuana as possible in order to aid in the
health and safety of the animals.
Richard N. Massa - President
Richard Massa is a founding member of the Humane Society de
Tijuana and also serves as President of the Friends of the Humane
Society de Tijuana. He is a professional educator and retired from his
last position as executive dean and vice president of San Diego City
College in 1996. Prior to that he served as dean of the School of
Math and Science at San Diego Mesa College where he administered
the development of the first Animal Health Technology program
south of Los Angeles. During the Vietnam conflict, he was a
commissioned officer in the United States Army and assigned to a
team of educators who developed the first Clinical Specialist Course
at William Beaumont Army Hospital in Texas and where he taught
Surgical Nursing and Field Medicine to corpsmen and nurses. Prior to
that he was a  professor of nursing at Miami Valley Hospital School of
Nursing; now known as Wright State University School of Nursing.
Michelle S. Grycner - Vice President
Michelle Grycner is a founding member of Friends of Humane Society
de Tijuana. She is a San Diego State University graduate with a
Bachelor's degree in History. Michelle is currently employed as a
paralegal with the San Diego law firm, McKenna Long and Aldridge.  
As a long time resident of San Diego and the border area, she has
always felt passionate about animal overpopulation which leads to
abandoned, suffering animals and truly believes that all animals
deserve a chance at life regardless of their location on the map.
  David Yoshida - Member of the Board of Directors
Lety Coto -Member of Board of Directors
Leticia Coto is one of the founding members of the Humane Society
de Tijuana and currently serves as its president. She attended the
Universidad Autonoma de Mexico where she persued Latin American
and general studies. She is the mother of two grown children and
raised her family in Playas de Tijuana where she continues to reside.
She is a long time animal rights activist and has a 20 year history of
animal rescue and animal protection work. She is employed as an
administrative assistant at the Academia de Ballet Playas [Playas
Ballet Academy]. Leticia knows the Tijuana area as well as the
workings of the city government. She holds a position on the city's
new planning board for an animal alberque where she supports the
Humane Society de Tijuana's position of building a comprehensive
shelter rather than just a dog pound.
Alex Arias - Secretary
Alex Arias is a founding member of the Humane Society de Tijuana
and also serves as a board member for Friends of Humane Society
de Tijuana. He is a graduate of Universidad Occidente in Sinaloa,
Mexico, holds a Licenciado en Derecho [Law Degree] and works as a
property administrator. He has been involved in animal welfare and
rescue work for eight years. He knows the city of Tijuana well and
has done volunteer work in several of its poorest neighborhoods.
  Jesus Vera - Advisor to the Board of Directors
Jesus has been a supporter of FHSTJ and its mission for more
than a few years now. Having grown up with dogs and cats,
he is confident that FHSTJ is consistently having a huge impact
in the city of Tijuana, and is deeply touched by the life
changing opportunities given to the street animals we help.
Aside from his full-time job, Jesus has focused on helping
FHSTJ with fundraising and development ideas for the
organization. In his time off, Jesus enjoys teaching fitness
classes and running half marathons.

"Have questions on how you can help? Email me. Want to help
fundraise? Email me. Want to help us at events? Email me."
-Jesus Vera
  Serena Ruiz - Advisor to the Board of Directors
  Vicky Godoy - Advisor to the Board of Directors