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Success Stories
Oso's Story
Oso is a furry Chow-Chow mix. He was found by Dr. Veronika outside of a sushi place in
Tijuana, limping across the street. He was in very bad shape and according to Dr Veronika,
wouldn't have made it longer than for 12 more hours. He had a severe case of mange and
several oozing wounds. He was so weak he could not even stand, and so thin, it looked
unreal. After a long bath, no more ticks and fleas were sucking his blood. Dr Veronika
prescribed treatment, which I administered everyday. After I had him for three days, it became
apparent he was responding to treatment well, in fact he was back to his playful self, although
still limping. As the weeks went by, though, and his wounds healed, huge water filled lumps
formed. Dr Veronika had to preform surgery and extract a foreign object, most likely a foxtail
that had traveled deep inside the previous wounds. He was also fixed and is now waiting to
make a trip to his new home in Dr Veronika's native Austria.