Success Stories

It is pretty amazing the animals we come across in Tijuana. Depending on their situation, they
come to us starved, dehydrated, diseased with worms, mange and eye infections. Some of them
are thrown away like trash and are close to death. We can see the desperation in their eyes
and do whatever we can to help them. After treatment, we then make sure they are placed with
loving families to take care of them for the rest of their life. It is this result that keeps us involved
with the animals of Tijuana and continue to help them anyway we can.

Friends of HSTJ estimates that there are about 7000 ill, starving and frightened street animals
loose on the streets of TJ on any given day. Help
FHSTJ rescue and get these animals healthy by
making a
donation today! Thank you for recognizing that Animals Have No Nationality!

Please click on the Animals' story to the left for just some of the successful rescues we have
made in the past.