Volunteer Opportunities

• Serve as a foster parent for rescued animals - HSTJ does not have sufficient resources to run a
shelter and depends on volunteers to shelter and foster animals until they are ready for

• There are many ways to
fund raise for the animals of Tijuana and here are some suggestions:

There are several ways to hold a "virtual" donation drive. For instance, you can fund raise on
Facebook. Join HSTJ's cause page and get your facebook friends to make donations directly
through facebook.

You can also create a virtual fundraiser through the Stay Classy site here: http://www.

Conducting fundraisers or
donation drives amongst your physical friends can be fun too, you
can collect items on our wish list http://www.friendsofhstj.org/wishlist.html or donations to help
pay for our clinics.

And, encouraging people to sign up to pledge $5 a month by
joining the rescue 400 club is a
huge help http://www.friendsofhstj.org/becomeasponsor.html.

We have also partnered with the grocery store
Ralphs, if people register their Ralphs card to
benefit HSTJ, a percentage of their grocery bills will be donated to us. Just follow the instructions
here: http://www.friendsofhstj.org/registeryourshoppingcards.html

Do you have any other ideas, or are you involved with a group of people that might be
interested in organizing a car wash or party to raise money? We welcome new and creative
volunteers that are willing to help the animals in any way possible. If you are interested in
helping fund raise please
Email Michelle.

• Assist with pick up of donations, supplies, and pet food.

• Solicit gift certificates and donations form local businesses to be used as raffle prizes at fund
raising events.

• We need help with our dog food drive.  At each clinic, food is distributed to each patient as well
as to our many volunteers that foster animals in need. We need help to replenish our supplies.

• Assist members with tasks in the low-cost sterilization clinic – Including: Helping with set up,
registering, cleaning, shaving, and preparing materials in the operating room. Also, observing
animals in the recovery area as well as other clinic tasks. Volunteers can help according to their

For more information about making a
donation or becoming a volunteer: call 619-300-3484 or E-
mail Michelle.
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