FHSTJ Mission Statement
The specific mission of this organization is to assist various humane
services in Tijuana that work to improve the conditions in Mexican
communities that border the USA-Tijuana, Mexico area by promoting
programs of humane treatment of animals; in particular, spay and
neutering programs, parasite control programs, street rescues,
adoptions, and public education through direct assistance on the part of
the organization which includes funding support, publicity, public
awareness and other general support that will contribute to animal

How FHSTJ works
The greater Tijuana area of 3 million people and thousands of abandoned
street animals needs more individuals doing rescues and organizing
neighborhood spay clinics. It is more efficient than running a shelter
which could only keep a few animals at a time. FHSTJ's priority is to keep
these grassroots groups viable and give them direct support. By
supporting rescuers as well as  neighborhood groups, many animals are
cared for and more mass spay and neuter clinics take place in areas most
in need. This is accomplished by giving financial support to rescuers and
groups which could not function without the generosity of FHSTJ donors.
In summary, we support street rescues, mass spay and neuter clinics,
pet owners with extremely limited resources needing veterinary care for
their animals as well as public education programs, adoption programs
for rescuers, and a pet food distribution program for animals in need. For
more information about FHSTJ's work and to see the animals that we are
helping, we invite you to visit our
Blog. You can also obtain information
about planned events by clicking on
Upcoming Events If you would like to
save an animal from starvation, disease, pain and fear, click on the
Donation page to select the way in which you would like to help. Thank
you for taking the time to read about our work.