Wish List

In addition to monetary contributions, Friends of HSTJ also accepts donations including, but not
limited to, the following items. Please
Contact Michelle if you are interested in dropping off any of
these items for use at adoption and clinic events.

Dog Houses
• Unexpired Dog and cat food – must be in original sealed containers or bags
• Medicated Pet Shampoos
• Flea and Tick Medicine - such as Advantage, Frontline & Adams Flea Spray
• Ear Solutions and Eye Medications
• Puppy or Chucks Pads - used in the recovery area after surgery
• Pet Carriers
• Clean towels and blankets
• Easy to wash throw rugs
• Heating Pads
• Pet Hair Clippers
• 15 gallon Shop Vac
• Clip Boards
• Leashes and Collars
• 1 Gallon Zip Lock Bags
• Digital Thermometers
• Cat Litter
• Bottled Water for Volunteers
• 30-33 Gallon Trash Bags
• Rechargeable Emergency Lamps
• Disposable Plates, Cups and Bowls
• Paper Towels
• Scissors
• Packing Tape
• Sharpie Markers